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Winter Sunrise Meditation

There is a spot along the river near my home that is in direct line between my home and the morning sun.

The river has several paths that follow it's edge. Closest to the shoreline is a walking path that takes you past the reeds corridor, through the cozy lagoon, along the boat launch and on and on, for a very long time.

There is a second foot path, right next to a bike path. All on higher ground, a couple meters higher and a few meters closer in from the shore. There are many paths down to the water, all with different feels. Different vibes. Different experiences.

This path down, and I invite you to visualize from your perspective, your awareness, your point of view, is a rock staircase. You are standing at the top of this staircase, facing the sun that has only begun to rise. You can feel it's rays on your forehead, your shoulders, your heart; and as you stand there, you feel the warmth spreading out towards your fingers and down through your legs and into the earth. The sun touches you all; your body, the rocks, the reeds, the river. You are all feeling the sun return.

As you stand there, facing the rising sun, you reach your arms, open to the world. Your feet are hip-width apart and rooted into the ground. Your head is tall and looking up to meet the sun at eye level, slowly lifting ever so slightly. You sink into the air. You notice that there is no difference between your body and the air you breathe. Close your eyes.

It is cold.

The winter air is crisp, life-giving and fresh. Breathe slowly.

Your lungs fill with winter. Your body fills with sun.

Open your eyes. There is a thin, crispy layer of icy snow covering the ground, the stairs, and the path. To your right, the stairs are a straight line, at a 20 degree angle from your line to the sun. There are 3 plateaus separated by 5 steps, then 4, then 7. At the bottom of the rock steps, lies the shoreline walking path. It is lined with tall, pale yellow reeds that stand at least 6 feet high.

There is an opening in the reeds, where the sun peeks through and spills onto the shadowy walking path. It is about 20 degrees to the left from your line, at the top of the stairs, to the sun. The reeds glow as the sun touches them for the first time since the day before.

As your eyes follow the path to the shore, and continue across the river, sparkling little lights jump across the flowing river's surface. The water is flowing from right to left, very fast and very strong and across a great distance. Yet it is very calm.



You take a deep breath, feel the sun and notice your energy body. Imagine a ball of silvery light at your core. Imagine it growing. Feel the sun's energy dancing across the river, through the reeds and up the stone stairs and flowing through your root chakra and up along your spine, meeting your silvery ball of light at your core and expanding out. Past your body, filling a space the size of an arena.

You are filling space with your presence. An amphitheater of river life experiencing the morning with you. Your energy expands between your open arms and the sun, with your core as the point of reflection. You are a great reflection of light.

The sun is a powerful force. It is used for re-energizing and for cleansing. In this moment, the sun is cleansing you of all of the darkness that has grown in you throughout the long and tiring year. It fills you with spirit, and replaces the darkness. You are light, reborn.

And with the energy of new life, you reflect your life force onto everything around you. Let the warmth that you feel permeate everything and everyone around you. Let it extend across the earth, growing wider, slowly as the sun moves. Over fields and rivers and lakes and forests. Over cities and roads and towers and bridges. Across continents and ice burgs until it wraps the whole world. Your home.

Return that light path back to the sun and feel it explode back out across the solar system, past stars and planets and dissolving into the great, inky ether.

You are everything.


And full of light.

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