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Welcome to My Blog

I woke up today and thought, "I miss having a blog". So, fuck it, I made a blog.

In this pandemic-ridden-world where everyone is stuck inside without any social contact, and Facebook and Instagram keep getting more and more evil, I was reminded of being in high school again stuck at home in the woods without a driver's license in a pre-social media world. No Twitter, no Facebook, no Instagram -- just blogs and MSN Messenger. And, ya know what? I want it back.

I want to spend entire weekends exploring the limits of web design. I want to write out all my stories and have a handful of my closest friends read, comment and respond on their own blogs. I want Tumblr before they started censoring it. I want freedom of the internet!

Ok, so, I can't exactly get all that back, but damnit, I can write a blog post. And then another. And another. And maybe someone will read it and it will mean something to them.

So here it is. Welcome to my blog.

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