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Through the Glass Wall

Back in 2013, lots of things were shifting and changing in my life. I was recovering from surviving a medical emergency that involved 2 surgeries. I left my husband and lived on my own for the first time EVER. I was playing with more and more musicians and getting stronger as a musician myself. It was scary and exciting and depressing and wonderful.

This is an improvised jam from that time.

I've loved all of my musical projects but this one felt the most "right". To this day, I wish this project had continued, but I am so grateful to at least have this recording.

It was me and my long-time drummer and best friend, Emmanuel McCaull, Will Muha who had joined us briefly for a few shows before pursuing a solo venture and Adrien Potvin who was in every way, a very chill dude. Together, we made magic.

Music is such a magical practice and offers so much transformation and release. Improvisation, at its best, is the closest to being pure spirit that I've ever felt. These guys were masters of their instruments and lay some beautiful foundations for transcendence. I hope it felt as magical to them as it did to me.

I hope you enjoy these sweet jams. May your day be incredible.

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