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Reflections from midsummer

I've been silent for a while as I've been adjusting to the return to Canada and preparing for my upcoming move to Halifax. I have also been prioritizing my healing, which has used a lot of my energy.

One life cycle is ending as another begins, and I want to be ready.

And I will be.

I have been writing out my past, exploring my life so far. I am exploring my relationships and unpacking the unhealthy baggage I picked up along the way. I am remembering the moments I rarely recall. The good times as well as the bad.

I've realized that more often than not, I approach social situations defensively. I approach these experiences thinking, "How will I make it through this?". What I want to work towards is approaching social situations thinking, "What can I bring to this experience?"

I'm stepping away from survival mode and into creation mode.

Let's make the world we should have always had.

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