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As we begin to open up for the summer (and perhaps even beyond!), I've seen more and more good news from friends and family. It seems as though many of us have gone through this year having learned and grown and worked HARD to earn some amazing things.

I have also been working hard and learning much, though few of my rewards are easily sharable. I have been working through old, intergenerational trauma and liberating myself from emotional wounds that go beyond my life. It's been hard and I've cried a lot.

Healing comes in many forms, and for me, only some of it comes out in music. Other times it comes out in art: drawings, collages, paintings. Often, it leaves no tangible marks, just a deep sense of calm after a release.

Releasing things of the past is important. I hold on to a lot of things. I've held on to MANY songs that have yet to be recorded. My hope is to go through and release as much of that as I can to clear space for something new. In the coming year, I plan to record all those bits and pieces of my history and growth that have yet to be given the love and care needed to do them justice. The days of Dear Me, The Misprints and many other projects of the past need to be given a proper send-off into the ether.

I've also been writing this year. Not prolifically, but there are a few songs that haven't ever been performed for an audience. Those are also slowly coming together in a recorded format.

Call for artists/musicians : If you've shared space with me on stage, or have seen me perform and would like to lend a hand to one of my songs, let me know! I would love to create a rag-tag album of my music with different guest musicians throughout. Guest artists making cool visuals would also be lovely!

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