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Is Piers Morgan A Racist?

I don't habitually waste my limited time on this Earth paying any attention to Piers Morgan. That man is a complete waste of life.

Like, life is great. It is consistently transformative and awe-inspiring and someone went and wasted that beauty on a person like Piers Morgan.

Do I know Piers Morgan? No. Do I think he's a racist? Yes. I very much do.

Do I think he is murdering black people? No. He's not that kind of racist. He's a lazy racist. He has been too self-absorbed, privileged and lazy to have earned an anti-racist badge. Racism is the norm, not a wild political or philosophical belief. In order to NOT BE A RACIST, you have to actually put in work. You have to observe and question your every thought; every action; every reaction.

And then do that for the rest of your life.

Like any of the dreaded isms: racism, ableism, sexism; you have to actual work to rid yourself of these unconscious biases. Only a small portion of people are loud and proud hateful people, and only some are consciously challenging those subconscious messages. The rest are lazy or uninformed.

I know Piers Morgan is a racist because I know there is no way that man has invested in the evolution of his soul. He is stuck in a childish mindset that served him well for most of his life. It is super frustrating when something that used to work SO WELL suddenly lets us down. The world has changed faster than he has ever allowed himself to and he will suffer more and more until he realizes that he needs to work on himself.

I know this in part because I'm a pretty decent judge of character. I also know this because he leaves clues.

In this clip, he talks over his coworker who is barely 4 shades darker than his pale ass and ceaselessly belittles him and mocks his livelihood on live TV. I hadn't even so much as heard of Alex Beresford before a few hours ago, but I already think highly of him. He was the ONLY person on that show who spoke his truth confidently and eloquently entirely without malice despite consistent and intense abuse. He also shows his immense maturity in today's viral clip of the Megan Markle interview commentary :

Again, Piers refuses to listen to a goddamn word Alex is saying unless he can use it out of context as a jumping off point into shoving his own foot in his mouth again and again further revealing that he is both racist AND sexist.

These isms leave footprints. Piers Morgan doesn't have to rape anyone to be sexist. You can see it in the way he talks over the women he works with who have clearly because accustomed to staying silent. Or in how passionately he fought to FORCE everyone into agreeing with him that Megan Markle got her facts wrong. He doesn't have to say he hates non-whites to be racist. He showed his racism when he focused on a single "fact" and refused to even acknowledge the racist tone with which she had felt threatened. He showed his racism when he demanded to say his piece but refused Alex the opportunity to say his.

Ridding yourself of racism, and any of the other dreaded isms, takes time, discomfort and dedication. Those of us who have gone down that path, recognize it in others. We see you. We hear you.

Those who have not done the work become easier and easier to spot. The whole world is watching. Do the work.

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