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Hola from Tilarán, Costa Rica

It's sunny and 25°C, just before noon. The soda across the street is playing upbeat latin music from the radio and I'm having a cafe con leche surrounded by happy, friendly locals. Perfecto.

I've been here a month and though there's been a few scary moments and plenty of things to learn and get used to, I feel like I'm finally finding a way that works for me. Internet has been touch and go and there have been plenty of miscommunications, but hey, that's all part of the fun, isn't it?

The album is set to release March 11th, but if you can't wait, there's a few options for you.

Option 1 : Follow me on Bandcamp so you can be notified when I release the album there (it'll be a week early!). BANDCAMP

Option 2 : Become a patron and listen to it NOW!!

If you listen to it and want to have it in an analog format, GOOD NEWS! Soon it'll be available on cassette and it's being pressed onto vinyl as well (though that'll take a while). If you've got a music store connection, let me know and I'll make sure there are copies available for in-person distribution. This has been such a huge and incredible project for me to be a part of and I am so happy to share it with you!

Some of these songs were written in the last year or two, others are much older, but they were carefully chosen and placed in just the right order for an optimal listening journey. It's 45 minutes of building up to big emotional releases followed by calm recoveries. We've all gone through a lot these past few years and this album was designed to help us process these strong emotions.

I've started booking shows for 2022 and there's room for more, so if you've got a festival or venue that needs some epic music, please reach out! Being an indie artist means I can use all the help I can get. And having worked so hard on this album for the last year, especially the last few months (and truthfully, many years), I'm so happy to talk about it to anyone who's interested. So, invite me to your podcast, radio show or other events. Interview me for your blog or zine. Heck, just to hang out and chat. Reach out!

I'm in Costa Rica for another 2 months, but by May, I'll be raring to go!

By the way, this is the album cover to look out for :

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