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Give Me To The Season

This year has been pretty wild. I wrapped up mixing Thursday Colours and then flew off to Costa Rica to escape the rest of the Canadian winter. I stayed there for 3 months, travelling from place to place, making vlogs and writing my book.

After Costa Rica, I resumed work with Gay & Grey but made sure I had plenty of time away from work to process all that had happened and all that would come. My acceptance to Dalhousie University meant that I was liquidating all of my possessions and saying gradual goodbyes to the Montreal community that has been my home and family for the last cycle of my life.

As luck would have it, I was surprised with a luxurious gift : a trip to London, UK. I planned to go there in the last two weeks of summer before school started. For a series of cascading reasons, I ended up staying here and even spent a month in Berlin, continuing to write my novel and performing spoken word again after a long time away. It has felt amazing to share my art again.

Soon I will finally reach Halifax, a few months late, and explore what it has for me. A lot of options have opened up for me over the last few months and I am so excited to see what 2023 will bring. No doubt it will be an adventure!

My first draft is half written and I am so proud of myself for making it this far! While I have been writing this novel, I kept a second project open. In that project, I dumped memories, thoughts and ideas. Whatever came to mind. Most of it is a hodge-podge of life experiences, some grandiose stories I've told many times and some minor memories rarely recalled. I'm not sure what will come of these projects, but it has been important to me to do this writing.

If they are published in the future, I'll let you know! I have a lot of stories in me and a great impulse to share them. I'd be happy to hear if you're interested in these projects. I love hearing how my creations impact the people who engage with them.

For now, I will enjoy the fact that Thursday Colours has been immortalized in vinyl and you can buy a copy through Baby Horse Records. As the season progresses, I have been marinating in treats and cozy activities and feeling grateful for how far we've come from this time of year in 2020. Listening to Give Me To The Season (the last track on the album, Thursday Colours), reminds me that even after the darkest of times, light will eventually return.

p.s. if anyone has contacts in London, UK with arts organizations, record labels and musicians/artists, please connect me! I'm hoping to make the leap to London in a more permanent way.

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