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Fuck You Very, Very Much

It's been A MONTH.

There are plenty of things I could talk about, but right now, I'm especially frustrated with Legault's curfew and the subsequent threat to extend it.

Let's be clear : cases went down because schools were closed. Cases are going to climb because the schools reopened. It has NOTHING to do with the curfew.

Yet, there are PLENTY of reasons why the curfew is ACTIVELY HARMING LOTS OF PEOPLE, and even good reason to believe it will WORSEN the crisis.

There are homeless people who don't trust institutions (for good reason) and risk freezing to death as they hide from cops. Yes, this is something that has ALREADY happened. Since that person died, there has been an exemption made for the homeless, but it took DEATH to reach that decision. There is no excuse for this.

There are people in abusive situations who now don't have the ability to escape without harassment and fines from the police. Some single people are so desperate for human contact that they may find themselves stuck in a new date's home without the option to leave if it gets scary.

There are potential abusers who may have been able to regulate their emotions by storming out and taking a walk when tensions rise, but instead without the access to their coping mechanism may turn to violence. No amount of regret can undo actions taken under duress. Duress that could have been avoided if basic freedom of movement was allowed.

There are people who work long hours that may leave them with no ability to ever leave their home.

There are people who don't feel safe to leave their homes during the day while everyone is out shopping for essentials and going to and from work.

There are neurodivergent people who need to be able to enjoy the calm and quiet of night time because other times are too stimulating.

Apart from the horrifically negative consequences, there are plenty of simple pleasures that used to offer comfort and peace that are no longer available. Enjoying the serenity of night time. Enjoying nature without others being around. Enjoying the feeling of moon light on your skin.

Staying at home will make us frustrated, angry and disappointed. It will force us to go for walks during a smaller window of time, thus increasing the density of people outdoors and INCREASING TRANSMISSION. It will lead many to become rebellious and violate not only the curfew, but other restrictions as well. Protests will break out.


So, Legault,

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