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CBC SearchLight

I have known about the CBC SearchLight competition for years, but I always seemed to miss the submission deadline. I would only ever hear about the voting time periods, or the winners; once it was too late. I was getting increasingly more frustrated with myself in respect to that competition and I was determined to submit to the competition.

By sheer luck, I was tipped off about the competition and I happened to also have a recording that's been chilling on ice all year. I had wanted to record a whole album, but covid and fear and working with vulnerable populations kept me at home and not working on music as much.

Fortunately, it's an amazing song and an amazing take of it from the days when I was playing open mics and jamming every week in unrestrained circumstances. Yesterday, we got into the studio to work on the mix. We got a lot done and with a few more tweaks, hopefully it'll be ready and released in time for the competition. The submission period is from April 19th - May 3rd, so we want this out ASAP!

I couldn't have chosen a better song and I'm so happy/relieved/excited to finally have a recording of it that does it justice. I can't tell you how many people have weeped as I sang them this song. How many bars and bands and years have seen this song in ephemeral forms. Never existing beyond those precious moments.

If this song is what breaks me through the noise, it will be profoundly appropriate.

When the time comes, please vote your support. Share it, cry with it, bond with it.

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