My name is Nikki and I love creative work. I've been singing since I was a child and performing my own music for over a decade. I produced the nationally-recognized LGBTQ+ podcast, Gay & Grey Montreal Podcast, after producing my first podcast, Unknown Artist, where I host and edit interviews with local talent. I record and edit my own videos on YouTube and I've even recorded and mixed my own EP that was featured in the horror movie, Bleed With Me. Let's work together!

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My Story

I've been singing my whole life. As a child, the very first thing I did when I woke up, before I got out of bed was sing. I grew up in rural Canada and would walk through the forest singing almost every day. I joined the school choir and performed in every musical I could. By the time I was in high school, I was writing my own music, performing in small venues and on stages across Ontario and building my own websites from scratch.

But I didn't believe it was possible for me to "make it" in a creative field.

Instead, I pursued a bachelor's degree in Psychology. The experience of being human is fascinating. I wanted to learn more about how we think, communicate and experience the world. This educational background has helped me in every creative field and really, in every part of my life.

After university, I felt pulled back into performing and went on to pursue both music and spoken word which took me across the country as a nationally recognized poet and a VIA Rail Artist on Board. After playing a handful of festivals, countless small venues and recording several albums both on my own and with others, I really learned a lot and I began sharing my knowledge with others. I led vocal workshops with Rock Camp For Girls, started a podcast to uplift the amazing unknown musicians in my community and even contributed to a book of women's empowerment stories.

Now, I'm a freelance writer, content creator and musician. I just released the highest quality music I've ever created (check out my album, Thursday Colours) and I can't wait to keep making more! If you like what I do and would like to hire me for session work, voiceovers, editing, workshops or WHATEVER, reach out.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.